English Class

MCPASD is proud to collaborate with the Literacy Network and now the Middleton Public Library to provide free English language classes to adults in our community! 

The English classes are open to any adult community member who wishes to improve their understanding of the English language and improve their confidence in day-to-day communication. Learners are scheduled into beginner or intermediate classes.

This semester marked the first time back to in-person learning since the beginning of the pandemic. Learners who attended in-person class also had access to free concurrent child care.

The fall semester in-person class had record attendance by boosting from an average of 10-12 students to 21 students! 

New this semester was the first hybrid instructional model. This approach allowed our three organizations to serve over 61 learners in total! We were excited to welcome students from many different countries including: 

  • Argentina 

  • China

  • Colombia 

  • Honduras 

  • India 

  • Japan

  • Loas 

  • Nepal 

  • Mexico

  • Taiwan 

  • Sri Lanka 

  • Syria 

  • Venezuela

Thanks to all their hard work, our adult students successfully learned to introduce themselves, describe their families, communicate at the doctor's office, and order at a restaurant. 

In the virtual classes, students also learned about library resources, practiced asking a librarian questions, and received library cards.

Here is what a few of our students had to say about the course: 

"I learned about alphabet, numbers, how to order in the restaurant, new verbs, body parts, and we learned about how to talk in a appointment with the doctor. Thanks. It was a great class."

"Because of this class, I can communicate about everything and write much better."

"This class helped me in my job and day to day."

Thank you to the teachers, volunteers, and our community partners for helping us provide this awesome resource to our community! 

Click here to learn more about the Spring 2023 MCPASD Community English Courses!