Business Services


The Business Services Team plays a crucial role in managing the fiscal aspects of the school district, ensuring long-term financial stability and efficiency.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Long-range financial planning

  • Budgeting

  • Financial reporting

By exercising responsible financial stewardship, the team's primary objective is to support the educational goals of MCPASD, ultimately benefiting our students, staff, and the wider community.


MCPASD's Annual Financial Strategy: Supporting Educational Objectives and Goals

The school budget serves as a comprehensive financial plan for MCPASD, outlining the district's strategy for the upcoming year to accomplish its educational objectives and goals.

MCPASD follows a 12-month fiscal year budget cycle, commencing on July 1 and concluding on June 30.

2023-24 Budget Information

2023-24 Annual Financial Report

2023-24 Adopted Budget

School Funding 101

School funding can be a tricky topic, often because what we hear from the state doesn't always match up with what schools are dealing with in terms of their budgets each year.

We've created a video that will help our community understand the basics of school funding, shed some light on the financial struggles we may face, and discuss ways we can help make sure our schools have the funds it needs.



Financial Audit

A Vital Component in Assessing MCPASD's Financial Health

Conducting financial audits is essential for evaluating the financial condition of a school district. MCPASD is legally obligated to undergo an annual financial audit carried out by an external party.

Remarkably, our reports have shown zero findings over the past seven years, indicating a strong financial position.

2022-23 Audit Report

Understanding Property Tax Bills: Assessments, Rates, and School District Funding

A property tax bill is calculated based on the assessed value of your property and the applicable property tax rate, determined on a specific date.

These taxes contribute to funding school districts, making it crucial to maintain transparency in the allocation and expenditure of funds.

To help you better understand the process, we provide detailed resources below.

Navigating the Property Tax

Understanding Property Assessment

The Most Confusing Tax Issue

Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services Plan

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Business Services Contacts

Business Services is located at: District Services Center 7106 South Avenue Middleton, WI 53562