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The Information and Public Relations department plays a crucial role in disseminating accurate and up-to-date information to various stakeholders, including School Board members, employees, families, business leaders, the wider community, and media representatives.

Our key responsibilities include:

Maintaining and updating the district's digital presence: We manage the district's website and social media platforms, showcasing district projects, initiatives, and achievements through engaging print and video content.

Supporting district and school marketing efforts: We collaborate with schools to develop and execute marketing strategies aimed at increasing enrollment and ensuring our brand remains consistent and impactful.

By fulfilling these responsibilities, we strive to promote a positive image of our district and foster strong relationships with all stakeholders.

Stay Connected: Explore the District's Diverse Communication Channels

The District employs a wide range of communication methods to keep our community informed and engaged. Stay connected and never miss an update!

Thillshare Notification System: Fast and Efficient Communication for the District

The District utilizes the Thillshare notification system to swiftly reach parents, staff, and students during emergencies, school closings, or when conveying important notices. By default, these three groups are automatically enrolled in the system.

Our team has the ability to send emails, make phone calls, and dispatch text messages, in addition to posting on social media. Please note that students will receive notifications only if they have provided a phone number in their Infinite Campus profile. The Thillshare system ensures that these notifications are delivered within an impressive 4 seconds, allowing for prompt and efficient communication throughout the District.

School Delays and Closures: Comprehensive Notifications for Families and Staff

Should there be a school delay or closure, both families and staff will be promptly notified through an automated phone call, text message, and email by 6:15 a.m. at the latest. This timely communication allows students who need to board the bus as early as 6:30 a.m. to be adequately informed and remain at home. For further details, kindly visit the School Closings page.

Campus Portal: Stay Informed About Your Student's Progress

Campus Portal allows parents to monitor their student's grades, attendance, and test results seamlessly.

It's essential to ensure that your email and phone number on file are always up-to-date. New parents will receive a username and temporary password for the Campus Portal upon registration.

If you haven't logged in before or are unsure of your username/password, please reach out to us via email at

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Share Your Inspiring Story with Us!

The Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District is a vibrant community brimming with exceptional students and dedicated employees achieving remarkable feats. We believe their stories deserve to be celebrated and shared with the world!

Our dynamic communications team will ensure that your story reaches a wider audience by featuring it on our social media platforms or even in the news!

Don't hesitate – let your story inspire others and showcase the incredible accomplishments within our district.

Email us!

Shannon Valladolid

Shannon Valladolid, Director of Information & Public Relations

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Information & Public Relations Department is located at: District Services Center 7106 South Avenue Middleton, WI 53562