Congrats Poster with Group Photo

A big round of applause for the 2022-23 school year National Merit Scholarship Program semifinalists! 

We wish them the best of luck for the finalist round in February. From there, students will be selected as sponsorship recipients based on their skills, accomplishments, and potential to succeed in a rigorous educational program at the college level.

We would also like to extend another congratulation to our commended students as well! 

MCPASD is incredibly proud of our students and all they have accomplished!

Commended Students:

Naveedul H. Ansari 

Elias T Gold 

Aarush Gupta 

Gretchen A. Gustafson 

Daniel Y. Kim 

Hadley E. Maher 

Collin M. Monahan

Olivia Pan

Dhruv Prakash 

Jackson S. Rademacher 

Mackenzie M. Sloan 

Ellen M. Zhou 

Full Semifinalist List: 

 Alex Arinkin

Nihar Ballamudi

Sneha L.  Chandrashekar

Joshua R.  Chen

Aishani Das

Jahnvi Datta

Peyton J. Howardsmith

Riley J. Howardsmith

Thomas N. Hsu

Sarah Ann Huber

Daniel J. Hwang

Riley C. Johnson

Jonathan Kim 

Ethan Y. Lam

Lauren G. Lamson

Daniel H. Lee 

Amy S.  Li

Celeste Li

Nathan J. Ma

 Patrick J. Monahan

Caleb S. Sanders

Emma L Song

Colette A. Wiese

Alexander Xie

Chris Y. Yang