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At MCPASD, our staff goes above and beyond to set our students up for success. Attending Summer School is a great opportunity for students to bolster themselves for the upcoming school year. This opportunity allows students to earn back any missed credits throughout their high school career and take time to learn in a more individualized approach. 

At the end of the 2021-22 school year, Dean of Students at West Middleton Elementary, Jeremy Crowell stepped into an additional role as the 2022 Summer School Principal. In previous years, classes have used a pass-fail model. This year, Jeremy wanted to provide students with an opportunity not only to earn back missing credits but also to boost their overall GPA. Students can earn either half and full credit based on performance or their class requirements. 

"Summer school gives the students an opportunity to stay on par with graduation requirements and feel a stronger connection to the school," said Jeremy. 

Our Summer School staff understands that our students have busy summers and participate in many other activities. Many students have jobs, train for sports teams, volunteer, etc. That is why the Middleton High School Campus Summer School has adopted a hybrid style teaching method. Students who have conflicting schedules can complete assignments and tests online when deemed appropriate by their teacher.

"I feel like Summer School really started with the motto that students will come here when they can and participate in learning. It's our job as educators to help them when they are able to come here," said Jessica. 

The flexibility of Summer School has provided our students with the time and space they need to focus on their classes. Students from various academic backgrounds have found that Summer School has truly benefitted their learning. 

MHS junior Nick and his family decided that Summer School would be a great opportunity for him to boost his GPA going into the new school year. Although he passed all of his classes, he felt he hadn't succeeded to the best of his ability during the year.

"To be honest, when I first thought about coming to Summer School, I didn't think really highly of it. I was really nervous at first because I thought Summer School was for people who didn't go to class or failed. Coming out of it, I feel like I'm a lot more prepared for my next school year. This Summer School program has really helped me," said Nick. 

 During Summer School, Nick was enrolled in English class, geometry, chemistry, and U.S. government. One of his favorite class projects was a micro essay in his English class. A large part of Summer School classes is to give students a voice and a choice so that they have a role in choosing projects that are interesting to them so they stay engaged. Nick enjoyed the micro essay because it gave him an opportunity to write about something personal to him but also prove his ability to articulate a well thought out easy. 

Middleton High School sophomore Ezri knew that Summer School was his best option to get back on track for the upcoming school year. During the term, he completed both a biology and algebra class. He credits his teachers for motivating him to keep pushing forward toward his goals. 

"They just give me that extra boost of confidence. It really just pushes you forward every single day, and it really makes you feel good about doing the work," said Ezri. 

Summer School staff agree that their main focus is on their students. "We have been fortunate that our Summer School staff is super strong, and everyone is just focused on nurturing kids and one on one help and being super patient. We all agree that we are here for the kids, and that's what matters," Said Jessica. 

We wish to congratulate all of our Summer School students on their hard work and dedication. We look forward to seeing them kick off the new school year with a sense of confidence and excitement. Thank you to our fantastic staff for encouraging our students to stay motivated and find the fun in learning.