District Celebrates Staff Retirements, Milestones During Annual Employee Recognition Breakfast

Over 70 MCPASD staff members were honored during the annual employee recognition breakfast, where the district celebrates retirees and those with milestone work anniversaries.

This year's event was held at the Holiday Inn West on Fourier Drive at 6:30 a.m. on Wednesday, May 18, 2022.

Superintendent Dr. Dana Monogue and MCPASD Board President Bob Hesselbein kicked off the breakfast by thanking our employees for all their hard work serving our students and families for so many years.

"If you are retiring, I cannot thank you enough for devoting your career to one of the most honorable professions," said Superintendent Dr. Dana Monogue. "For our staff celebrating 20, 25, 30, and 35 years, thank you for your loyalty to our district."

Principals and building leaders shared personal stories and anecdotes about staff members retiring from their team.

The hardest part is saying goodbye to the retirees; you have worked hard and earned it," said MCPASD Board President Bob Hesselbein. "This is your chance to go out there and enjoy your life and make sure you do. You will be missed."

Other board members in attendance included Vice President Bob Green, Gail Shepler, Brian Bonti, Annette Ashley, Paul Kinne, and Sheila Hibner.


  • Michael Talley
  • Lori Ames
  • Laura Hayes-Love
  • Jane Hinrichs
  • Monica Schommer
  • Thomas White
  • Anne Solie
  • Stacy Sanders
  • John Burdick
  • Anne Smith
  • Julie Corstvet 
  • Jay Redders 
  • Deborah Hoskins 
  • Dawn Troyanowski 
  • Kelly Rawson 
  • Julie Bohmsach 
  • Ann O'Rouke 
  • Lousia Downey
  • Ellor Wilson
  • Shirley Haack 
  • Ruth Frawley 
  • Dennis Neylon 
  • Marilyn Sharrow 
  • Elizabeth Shultz 
  • David Allen 
  • Tami Bowker 
  • Laurie Johnson
  • Mike Meeteer
  • Jeannine Griffith 
  • Colleen Schmidt 
  • Kathy Rauman 
  • Kristen Wilson 
  • Patrick Keeler 
  • Marla Simon 
  • Linda Schuerman 
  • Sally Jansen

Employees Celebrating 20 years

  • Jim Schenk
  • Deanna Kruger
  • Laurie Wood
  • Lynn Reinders
  • Cara Stahl
  • Stacey Bohachek
  • Jason Pertzborn
  • Laura Melum
  • Cheryl Lueck
  • Ellie Paulson
  • Sharese Maly
  • Marilyn Sharrow
  • Ann O'Rourke

Employees Celebrating 25 years

  • Brian Goucher
  • Stacy Ponti
  • Rachel Posner-Mitchell
  • Marlene Feinstein
  • Michelle Festge
  • Sally Zeinemann
  • Ann Schafer
  • Mary Ninemeier-Watts
  • Laurie Johnson
  • Patrick Keeler

Employees Celebrating 30 years

  • Cynthia Zocher
  • Dennis Wade
  • William Frederickson
  • John Niesen
  • Jodi Klare
  • Anne Smith
  • Julie Corstvet

Employees Celebrating 35 years

  • Steve Stekelberg