Kromrey Art Class with Mask

MIDDLETON, Wi - At the next School Board Meeting on August 9th, Medical Advisors from the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics will attend to assist Superintendent Monogue with presenting the district's COVID-19 mitigation protocol plan for the 2021-22 school year. The advisors will be answering any questions board members may have.
"The good news remains that we will be in school 5-days a week, we will continue to offer a virtual option for those that have requested it and that students ages 12 and older have been vaccine eligible for some time," said Superintendent Monogue.
Monogue also mentioned that all Dane County Superintendents meet with medical advisors regularly to talk about their approaches for the fall. 
"We will have a menu of protocols that we will be recommending to be put in place right away at the beginning of the school year," said Superintendent Monogue.
Families can expect a communication update on the district's final COVID-19 mitigation plan that same week.