Monday, April 12, 2021 - 5:27 pm 

Fifteen MHS music students have been invited to participate in the 2021 Wisconsin School Music Association High School State Honors Project.

Each of the students auditioned for an ensemble in the WSMA State Honors Music Project in February.

The following students were selected, along with their area and instrument: Avery Brutosky (soprano, mixed choir), Will Bush (trombone, band), Isha Chilukuri (flute, band), Janice Chung (clarinet, orchestra), Rhea Dalvie (violin, orchestra), Varun Gupta (bass, mixed choir), Thomas Hsu (violin, orchestra), Daniel Lee (violin, orchestra), Celeste Li (violin, orchestra), Mihir Manna (clarinet, orchestra), Craig Nielsen (string bass, band), Grace Rosholt (violin, orchestra), Anya Shaw (bass clarinet, band), Katherine Stockhausen (trumpet, band), and Chaewon Yoo (oboe, band).

Students selected for the WSMA State Honors Music Project will participate in a virtual summer camp and performance. The WSMA State Honors Music Project is nationally recognized as one of the finest musical opportunities for young people.

Visit the WSMA State Honors Project webpage to learn more.