Board meeting during the pandemic, staff are wearing masks and are socially distanced

Tuesday, March 23, 2021 - 8:24 am

Deputy Superintendent Sherri Cyra provided an update regarding the planning going into the increase from two to four days a week of in-person instruction at the elementary level at the Board of Education regular meeting at Kromrey Middle School on Monday, March 22.

Cyra noted the expanded agenda included a summary of what was approved at last meeting.

She reviewed the timeline for communication to staff and families before elementary students in the Universal instructional model go to four days of in-person instruction starting April 19. Cyra noted the District is updating its plans and materials because bringing back more students means 6 feet of physical distancing can't be maintained.

Cyra also noted meals will look different starting April 19. Classroom sizes vary across schools and within school and each principal and school staff are working through the best approach for lunch by school and grade. When possible, Cyra noted, students will still eat in classrooms, but in classes with larger class sizes they may need to use two classrooms or the cafeteria. Distancing, eating quietly, facing same direction and hand hygiene will be the focus.

Elementary students will start using encore spaces beginning this week, although schools will limit the number of environments that students are visiting daily.

Cyra  noted the transportation form went out last week and closes on Wednesday night.

Members had questions about how staff has responded to students having in-person instruction four days a week and she noted feedback has been all over the spectrum. Some thrilled and others are concerned.

"Our teachers are really amazing. I think they are making the best of a very challenging situation. It's still hard work in whatever model we are using,'' Cyra said.