Tuesday, January 12, 2021 - 2:30 pm

The Board of Education discussed the initial draft of the 2021-22 open enrollment plan by the District at its regular meeting on Monday, Jan. 11.

Board president Annette Ashley presided over the meeting at the District Services Center, while other Board members participated remotely. The School Board has been meeting virtually since mid-March.

Due to construction, as well as, projected enrollment and staffing, the District will not have available spots for incoming open enrollment. Administration is also recommending no changes to the current open policy.     Assistant Superintendent of Operations Lori Ames noted school boards are required to review their open enrollment policy every January and determine the number of seats, if any, that are available.

She reminded members the Board has three areas it can make decisions regarding policy: 

    If the District has spaces available, can give preference to students already in the District as a resident or via tuition waiver.     If the District has spaces available, can give preference to siblings.     The Board currently does not require any existing open enrollment students to reapply.

Ames reviewed how open enrollment spaces are determined. Based on current enrollment projections she said the District only has two spaces available in ninth grade at CSCS, but even that may not be the case as the school held its lottery last week. The District also doesn't expect to have any openings in special education.    The Board will vote on the 2021-22 open enrollment plan at its Jan. 25 meeting.