Tuesday, September 15, 2020 - 3:50 pm

The Board of Education approved a proclamation from the District welcoming all families at its regular meeting on Monday, Sept. 14.

This proclamation is in conjunction with National Welcoming Week 2020, which runs from Sept. 13-19. Board president Annette Ashley briefly described why the District was considering the proclamation. She also read the proclamation for those streaming live on YouTube.

In other news from Monday's meeting:  

* The Board approved waiving the fee for certified staff resignations from June 16 to Sept. 7 due to health reasons only. The Board discussed the idea at its last meeting.   The certified handbook contains language requiring a breach of contract fee for teachers who resign after June 15. However, given the uncertainty and changing landscape due to the pandemic, administration had recommended waiving the fee during the window approved.    

 * Katy Morgan suggested having the Board receive training in special education. Superintendent Dana Monogue said she would find out about possible opportunities and come back with a proposal.   * Ashley noted the Board received five letters, which were shared with all nine members. She provided a brief summary of each letter and noted they will be posted on the District website. She also noted there have been other communications that weren't asked to be read and the letters have been split evenly between having students return to school buildings or remain virtual.

 Paul Kinne noted the Wisconsin Supreme Court issued a temporary injunction late last week related to  Public Health Madison Dane County Order No. 9. Todd Smith noted the Wisconsin Association of School Boards newsletter indicated it is unlikely Congress will pass federal COVID-19 related aid before the general election.     

* Monogue noted the Annual Meeting will be held on Monday, Sept. 21 at Kromrey in the cafeteria. Masks will be required and social distancing will be followed. The meeting will be streamed live on the District's YouTube Channel.   She noted public and private schools in Dane County can now bring back all students because of the state Supreme Court's temporary injunction. She said the District will continue to consult with PHMDC and that MCPASD plans to use their guidance along with information from Wisconsin Department of Health Services.   "School districts are again in the position of making these important decisions without state or local level guidance,'' she said. "We know that whatever decision we make will please some and upset others.''

Monogoe noted the first week of student instruction was Sept. 8-11. It was designed as a soft start, just like it would have been with an in-person model, and the rigor will increase in the weeks ahead.

You can watch the video from the Sept. 14 meeting on YouTube.