Pride Month Spotlight: Olive from Kromrey Middle School

This Pride Month, we're shining a spotlight on Olive, an inspiring student from Kromrey Middle School. Olive, who uses they, she, and he pronouns, was recently selected as one of two students to raise the Pride flag at the District Services Center on June 1st.

Upon learning of their selection, Olive was both shocked and excited. "I felt so happy because we have never raised a Pride flag with students being involved," they shared.

In addition to the flag-raising at the District Services Center, a Pride flag was also raised at Kromrey Middle School. Kromrey is known for being an inclusive environment that celebrates Pride Month with various events and activities, including a Pride parade where all students are encouraged to participate.

Olive feels incredibly supported at Kromrey, especially since becoming a part of GLAM (Gender, Love, and More). Support for Olive comes from friends, family, and teachers alike. They want other students to know that they can find someone they trust at Kromrey, who will not discourage them from being who they are.

Olive believes that the LGBTQ+ community deserves better and should always have support. They are passionate about spreading awareness of GLAM and the representation it provides for queer youth.

Moreover, Olive hopes that more schools will create clubs like GLAM to show representation and support for queer youth. By sharing their story and experiences, Olive continues to inspire others and advocate for a more inclusive and supportive environment for all students.