Swearing-In Ceremony Welcomes Five MCPASD Board of Education Members

On Monday night, 5 MCPASD Board of Education Members were sworn in to assume their respective positions of responsibility. 

Bob Green has been re-elected and is celebrating his 20th year of dedicated service to the Board of Education. With his vast experience and deep understanding of the District's mission, Green will continue positively impacting the Board and the community for many years.

Tabitha Hansen and Catherine Kells have been serving on the Board as appointed members, and this marks their first term as elected officials. Congratulations to Hansen and Kells on this exciting new chapter in their service to the Board and the community.

Mari Ginsberg and Todd Berry, elected to the Board for the first time, complete the nine MCPASD Board of Education members! Ginsberg, a former occupational therapist at MCPASD and parent of a child in our District, is joined by Berry, a District resident of many years whose children have all gone through our schools.

Welcome to our family!

Below are the updated terms of office for each of our Board of Education Members.

Area I - Sheila Hibner
3 year term (2022-2025)

Area II - Bob Green 
1 year term (2023-2024)

Area II - Catherine Kells
3 year term (2023-2026)

Area III - Tabitha Hansen
2 year term (2023-2025)

Area IV - Bob Hesselbein
3 year term (2022-2025)

Area IV - Gail Shepler
3 year term (2021-2024)

Area IV - Marnie Ginsberg
3 year term (2023-2026)

Area IV - Todd Berry
3 year term (2023-2026)

Area V - Simrnjit Seeha
3 year term (2021-2024)