students with state reps

For Wisconsin Representative Alex Joers, walking down memory lane at Middleton High School meant learning a few new routes. 

As a former MHS graduate, Rep Joers shared fond memories of his time roaming the halls, but most importantly, time spent with his father, Bob Joers, who was a former educator and is the namesake of the Bob Joers Aquatic Center. 

“I am excited to be here and see some of the folks that are still here from when I was in school and really lifted me up as a student and that is something I want to advocate for at the State Capitol and make sure our students have the resources they need. I am excited to continue that growth as we work together in this community to support our students,” said Representative Joers.

He was proud also to have the opportunity to personally graduate the Boys Swim & Dive Team on their recent success as State Champions. 

During his visit, Representative Joers joined Representative Mike Bare and Senator Dianne Hesselbein for a tour of the campus with Assistant Athletic Director / Activities Coordinator Brad Crandell to explore many of the outstanding programs and tools available to students, including opportunities for certifications such as Adobe Suite, access to 3D printers, and an industry-standard recording studio. 

All agreed that investing in our community, especially our schools, encourages outstanding citizens and workers for the future. 

“Our state is obviously competing with every other state for workers and trying to retain people. I think it has to start early with investments in the classroom and the teachers to make sure we are keeping people here who want to stay here and want to be close to their families and the communities that they grew up in. It will only be a benefit to us going forward. It’s facilities like these going forward with great communities, staff, teachers, and administrators making it all possible,” Said Representative Bare.

Representatives Joers, Bare, and Senator Hesselbein look forward to continuing to advocate for education. The Middleton Cross Plains Area School District is proud to help support their journey and showcase the power of knowledge and access to opportunities.