Houses with pictures of students in the classroom

Ms. Mendiola's 1st-grade class at Sauk Trail Elementary recently learned about a few of the many systems that help make Middleton a great city to live in! 

As part of the students 'communities' unit, they received a special visit from two classroom parents who are Middleton City Planners and Middleton Councilwoman Emily Kuhn! 

The students were able to participate in a "Public Engagement Exercise," using stickers to share their preferences about what they would like (or not like) in their communities.

They also discussed how money is spent, and decisions are made to enhance our community. Students had a few ideas of their own to add to Middleton parks, including repairing slides and adding trampolines under swingsets.

The students even left with an Honorary City Planner certificate!

We are so grateful to have key community members willing to share their knowledge with our students!