Transportation FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my child is eligible to ride the bus?

Students are allowed to ride the bus if deemed eligible by the Transportation Center, in accordance with Administrative Policy 751
Bus transportation is provided to children living 1.1 miles or more from the school of attendance. Children living less than 1.1 miles from school may ride the bus if the route to school is determined to be hazardous by the Sheriff’s Department, according to State Statute 121.54(9).  In Cross Plains, transportation is provided for all students living over 0.5 miles from school.
You may verify your eligibility by checking your address and student’s grade in the Bus Stop Locator tool on this website.

How are bus stop locations determined?

Our goal is to consistently identify bus stops in neighborhoods on the consideration of safety, efficiency, least cost and shortest over-all ride times. Bus stops are located within acceptable walking distance of residences, typically at corners or intersections. Administrative Policy 751 sets the guidelines for walking distances to bus stops: Kindergarten students may walk up to 0.2 miles, other elementary level students may walk up to 0.3 miles, and middle and high school students may walk up to 0.5 miles. Where practical, routes have been set up to eliminate left-turns onto major roads/highways unless there is some type of traffic signal to allow the bus to safely turn.
Rural areas
1.  Students will be transported to and from the nearest point where private driveways intersect with town, county, state or federal roads.
2.  Students will be collected at prearranged points where dwelling units are clustered.
Urban areas
1. Students living 1.1 miles from their assigned school will be collected at prearranged bus stops.
2. The District may transport students living less than 1.1 miles from their assigned school if it is determined in accordance with State Statute 121.54(9) that hazardous conditions prevail.

What if my child is to be dropped off to a baby-sitter after school?

All students, including those who are not normally bused, are eligible to ride the bus after school if they need to be transported to a child care provider, and meet the conditions below. Parents need to fill out a request for regular transportation to child care provider form. The form is available on this website and at any of the District schools, the transportation center or the district office. The following conditions need to be met:
1. The route already goes past the provider's home or designated bus stop. The bus will not add mileage to its route to go past the child care provider's residence.
2.  Requests received prior to July 15 will be guaranteed a ride provided the above is met.  After July 15, requests will be determined by whether or not there is room on the bus.  If additional children move into the 1.1 plus mile limit, or if there is a shift in pre-scheduled ride patterns during the year and there has to be a displacement, then the last student(s) accepted for ridership would be the first displaced.  “Last in, first out.”
3. Only a limited number of changes of provider will be accepted during the year. A new set of forms is required for each change.
4. Transportation requests to and from child care providers will have to be renewed each school year.

Under what conditions is consideration given to adjusting bus stop locations?

Roads and streets sometimes intersect on areas of road that cause concern for school bus transportation and the motoring public. We make every effort to select safe places to load and unload students given these varying factors of roads, streets, traffic speed and locations of residences. Adjustments to bus stops to create what we believe is the safest alternative will be made in these instances.

We live on a cul-de-sac.  Will the bus come down our street?

Except to transport special education students, buses generally are not routed down cul-de-sacs because of the danger to small children, property caused by the bus turning around and/or backing up in a small area and to promote efficiency

I cannot see the bus stop from my house. The bus drives right past my house. Why can’t it stop at my house?

Wisconsin law does not require the District to provide door-to-door general school bus service and the District reserves the privilege of requesting students to collect at prearranged points in order to reduce the number of stops and accommodate more than 5,000 eligible riders efficiently. Higher frequency of stops made by a bus increases the dangers for an accident because of impatient motorists and increasing the number of stops, makes the student ride time longer. If you have concerns about your child's safety you are encouraged to accompany your child to the bus stop or arrange a neighborhood buddy to walk with your child.

What is the maximum length of time for a bus route?

We strive to establish route times so that no student will ride the bus for more than one hour one way. Unfortunately we cannot always guarantee this will happen in every case.  There is no law or policy which limits ride time.

How will I know which bus my child will take?

Please check your child’s Infinite Campus Portal, beginning in August.  Adjustments continue to be made for new students registering and after drivers dry-run their routes, so please recheck immediately before school starts.  Further adjustments during the school year will be communicated via Infinite Campus Messenger and/or Stopfinder, however changes of less than five minutes may only be posted to the website.