Student Transportation and Covid

Student Transportation and Covid, Frequently Asked Questions

What steps are you taking to clean and sanitize buses?

Buses will be sanitized at the end of AM and PM routes.

Drivers have been assigned a Bus Disinfectant Kit that each driver is responsible for maintaining and keeping with him/her at all times.

Every bus in the fleet will be deep cleaned and sanitized once a week. Drivers will sign up, once a week, for the sole purpose of cleaning and sanitizing assigned buses. 

Will drivers and passengers be required to wear masks?

All drivers are required to wear a mask at all times when operating a district vehicle. Likewise, students and staff members will also be required to wear a mask. As part of each driver’s Bus Disinfectant Kit, drivers will receive a supply of disposable face masks that can be provided to individuals that attempt to board without a mask.

Students who fail to follow the mask requirement will be referred to school administration. Continued failure to follow mask requirements will not be tolerated and may result in the child’s permanent removal from the bus.

What is in the Bus Disinfectant Kit?

Each driver has been assigned a Bus Disinfectant Kit that he/she will be responsible for maintaining. The Bus Disinfectant Kit contains:

  • A spray bottle with Alpha- HP Disinfectant spray;

  • 10 adult size disposable face masks;

  • 10 child size disposable face masks;

  • 5 pair of disposable gloves (adult XL);

  • Derm Essentials disposable wipes;

  • Paper towels; and

  • Trash can liners.

Drivers will be able to replenish their supplies at MCPASD Transportation Center.

Will hand sanitizer be available on buses?

Not at this time. Students are encouraged to wash or sanitize their hands prior to leaving their home or school and wash or sanitize their hands again when they arrive at their final destination. 

Can social distancing guidelines be followed on a school bus?

Buses are currently assigned to their respective capacity.  Students are expected to wear masks at all times, and will be provided a mask should they not have one when boarding the bus. 

What if a child fails to follow social distancing guidelines on a bus?

Transportation Services will work closely with schools to identify students who are not following the district’s COVID or other safety guidelines. Such behavior will not be tolerated and may result in the child’s permanent removal from the bus.

Will symptomatic kids be allowed on a bus?

Parents are expected to monitor their children to make sure they are healthy enough to ride a bus and attend school. Drivers will not deny morning transportation to a child.  If, however, school health staff determines that a child is ill or otherwise symptomatic, parents will be expected to transport that child home from school.

What happens if a student gets sick on a bus?

If a student vomits or expels bodily fluids, the bus will not accept any additional students and will proceed or return to the school where students may be safely evacuated (avoiding the contaminated area). A standby bus will be dispatched to complete the route and the contaminated bus will return to MCPASD Transportation Center where it will be cleaned and sanitized by a certified staff member.

Can families have temporary busing request?

No. Students using district transportation will be assigned a single stop bus locations.  This could be home to daycare or daycare to home.  Temporary request because the daycare is closed will be the responsibility of the family.  This is necessary for managing limited capacities and contact tracing.

What if we opted to not have transportation but decided later to opt for transportation; will we be able to sign up for services?

Yes, but it could take up to one week to implement the change due to procedures related to contact tracing for our students using transportation services.