School Closings

Snowstorms, sleet, fog, ice and below zero temperatures cause us to cancel or delay school or send students home early. The following information provides an overview of our District’s policy when inclement weather strikes.

If schools are closed for the day, an announcement will be made on the top left side of this District website.

Alerts will also be provided on each school's main web page.

How will I find out if schools are closed?

If school will be delayed or closed for the day, all families will receive an automated phone call by 6:15 a.m. giving students who board the bus as early as 6:30 a.m. enough notice to stay home.

The following stations will make announcements if school is delayed or canceled:







Ch. 3

Ch. 15

Ch. 27

92.1 FM

94.9 FM

96.3 FM







102.5 FM

104.1 FM

1070 AM

1310 AM

1480 AM

98.1 FM

Frequently Asked Questions about School Closing

Can families opt out of the phone call?

Families cannot opt out of the phone call, because the automated phone system is also used for other emergencies.

How does the District make the decision to close schools?

School officials pay close attention when weather forecast calls for snow, sleet, hazardous conditions due to blowing and drifting, and temperatures/wind chills below zero. The Superintendent makes the decision after consulting with the Transportation Supervisor, and other area superintendents.

Do the school closings include private schools in our district?

If District schools are closed due to inclement weather, St. Francis, St. Peter’s, Westside Christian and Peace Thru Christ Schools will also close.

When are schools closed for frigid temperatures?

Schools are closed when actual air temperatures are 25 degrees below zero, or windchill factors are 35 degrees below zero.

Are students ever released early?

If conditions change rapidly, stay tuned for updates throughout the day. If students will be released early, parents will receive an e-mail and a phone call notifying them of the plan.

What if the dismissal is near the lunch hour?

If early dismissal occurs during the day, we will make every effort to provide lunch for students.

Are all events canceled if schools are closed?

If schools are canceled for the day, co-curricular, evening activities/concerts and after-school day care programs would be canceled. The Middleton-Cross Plains Area Indoor Pool would also be closed.

How do I find out if evening activities are canceled?

If evening activities are canceled, schools may send parents an e-mail or post the cancellation on the school website. If evening events are canceled, the Middleton-Cross Plains Area Indoor Pool would most likely also close.

Is the school day ever delayed?

Under unusual and rare circumstances, a one- or two-hour delay in the starting time may be considered due to inclement weather conditions. Parents would receive an automated phone call from the District if the school day is delayed. If schools are delayed for two hours, 4K and early childhood classes will be canceled.

What are the cold weather guidelines when school is in session?

When the air temperature is 0 degrees Fahrenheit or colder and/or the wind child factor is -10 degrees Fahrenheit or colder, all students shall be permitted to enter the building upon arrival to school, and will be kept indoors during recess periods in grades K-8.

What if school is not closed and I think it’s too dangerous to send my student/s to school?

Ultimately, the decision to not to send student(s) to school rests with the parent or guardian. Students kept home due to this parental decision will be allowed to make up work. Please contact the District Attendance Line to let the school know your child will not attend that day.

Why do I get multiple automated phone calls for a school emergency?

It can be frustrating to receive early morning phone calls on your home, cell and office phone when it's obvious schools will be closed.  However, we all live with different circumstances. Some parents begin to work early in the morning, while others do not have a landline or cell phone. We also have a number of dual households where the children may alternate where they stay. 

School closings typically happen for weather reasons, but we use these numbers to reach you in the event of a school emergency during the day.  it's important that we are able to contact you whether you are at work or home. It's for that reason that we attempt to contact all the important numbers listed in the campus portal. We would rather leave a few messages than have you miss an important call.

What if I receive a phone message, but do not have children in school?

Please contact with your phone number, and we will remove it. Occasionally, a parent will change jobs and forget to change the workplace phone number, or the phone number digits were typed incorrectly in the system.

What if my child is taking classes in the online school?  Can we opt out of receiving calls?

In addition to taking classes at the 21st Century online school, some students opt to take classes at our schools, so all online students are contacted.

What if I have multiple employees in the workplace who have listed the main number as their emergency contact? 

Please contact

How do I change my contact information in the Campus Portal?

If you log into Campus Portal, look on the left menu and click on Family Members. You can click on update to change phone numbers and emails. Please note that any changes will need to be approved by the registrar's office.  

My child is in 4K.  Do they have school if we have a late start?

Early Childhood and 4K classes are canceled when the school district  holds a late start. PM Early Childhood and 4K classes are still held at the normal time in the event of a late start. All Early Childhood and 4K classes are not held when the school district cancels school for the day. 

What happens when MHS has a B day, and the school district calls for a two-hour delay?

Classes will begin two hours later than the regular start time. For the 2014-15 school year, a two-hour delay means that classes begin at 10:25 a.m. At the middle schools, classes would begin at 10:20 a.m. during a two-hour delay, while all elementary schools would begin at 9:45 a.m.