New website

The Middleton Cross Plains Area School District (MCPASD) is excited to launch its new website and app! 

The district partnered with Apptegy, who uses the platform Thillshare. The new site and app are designed to make it easier for staff, parents, community members, and students to navigate all aspects of the district’s offerings and tools in a timely manner. 

Both went live at the following address -

MCPASD Technology Business Analyst Korey Kopp has been leading the project for the past ten months.

“We are very excited for how the new website and mobile app will improve our ability to keep students, families, and the community up to date on what is happening in our schools,” said Kopp.

Banners on the main page of each school site will feature important information. Below in the news section, site goers can find articles about the district regarding the latest board meetings, events, and student and employee excellence. 

Director of Information and Public Relations, Shannon Valladolid and her team will be updating the district site with content and articles. Each school will be in charge of crafting its own stories and updating the page’s information.

The homesite has convenient channels on the homepage to guide visitors to areas of interest such as Employment, Registration, Bus Routes, Campus Portal, and MyPaymentsPlus, to name a few. A drop-down tab at the top of the page allows visitors to jump to individual school sites. 

Our menu link also features four sections that point parents, students, staff, and community members to areas of the site that contain information pertinent to their needs, such as district and employment information.

Kopp said the district chose to work with Apptegy in October 2020 and is delighted with the decision.

“When we were planning for the new website and selecting the company to partner with, we loved the ease of working with Apptegy,” she said. “In particular, the mobile application offers the ability for people to have a good experience viewing the information on a mobile device. We are also very excited about the translation features. People will have the ability to view the information in the language of their choosing.”

The website and app offers 15 different language options for users.

Download the app on Android:  or iPhone: