Custodians at Middleton Cross Plains School District have been working all summer long to prepare the schools for the first day back.

Every classroom district-wide is emptied, cleaned, and sanitized with extra attention to high touch point areas throughout the buildings. Many long hours have gone into specialized cleaning inside the schools and out.

Mr. Peanuts has been with MCPASD for 57 years and says COVID has changed how he preps the buildings for the start of the new school year. One thing done differently is changing the air quality in all buildings and doing an air exchange which exchanges air from inside a building with fresh air from outside the building.

“We start our air handling units two hours before the start of school and continue two hours after school is over,” said Mr. Peanuts. “This is done seven days a week.”

Custodians are trained to respond to a positive COVID case in the schools. Last year, MCPASD only had three positive cases throughout the district for the entire year.

“If we get the test back positive, we will shut that room down,” said Mr. Peanuts. “Once it has been shut down, we will go in with a backpack strayer, and we spray and sanitize the entire room, then leave it closed for 24 hours.”

MCPASD is proud to have all the resources and personal protection supplies (PPE) needed to help our custodians do their jobs. 

“Students are coming into a safe and clean environment this fall,” he said. “If there is anything our students and staff need, we will be there to help them all year long.”