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Much Ado About Nothing

February 2, 3, and 4 at 7:30PM

MHS Black Box Theatre

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Thursday shows are always pay what you can


Much Ado About Nothing is widely considered one of Shakespeare’s best comedies and has been challenging actors and delighting audiences with its wit and warmth for over four centuries. Like much of his best work, the laughs come from the humanity of the characters and the chaos that ensues when the tangled strings of the relationships get knotted up. Enjoy a fun-loving, prank-pulling prince; a pair of enthusiastic and naïve young lovers; a slighted and vengeful half-brother; a self-important constable and bumbling town watch (that somehow manages to save the day), jokes, deception (for both good and bad), weddings (ditto), prickly honor, heated tempers, parties, songs, intrigue, and, to top it all off, perhaps the most iconic contentious couple in all of Shakespeare—Beatrice and Benedick. At its heart, this is a play about messy, imperfect, passionate people who get fooled and make mistakes, but who also learn and grow without losing their playfulness and joy.