Guatemalan students provided desks, furniture from Middleton High School

During the start of the high school renovation project, much of the old supplies, like desks and other furniture, were no longer needed as new supplies were being purchased for the new wing.

Facilities Services Manager, Dale Rhodes, wanted the desks to be repurposed and not end up in a landfill. So, he and his team worked with Books for the World, an organization that provides educational materials to students worldwide, to donate the furniture to students in need.

Almost two years later, all the desks and furniture finally reached their destination after delays from the pandemic. Students in Guatemala are now enjoying the over 300 desks that we sent them!

"It is truly making a difference to kids in other parts of the world who are less fortunate than us," said Rhodes.

Aside from this donation, our district has been sending 'Books of the Word' reading material for the past couple of years. Almost ten pallets worth of books has been sent to the organization.