Middleton High School Receives Pacesetter Award for Advanced Placement Excellence

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction recognizes Middleton High School for outstanding achievement in Advanced Placement exams.

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, in collaboration with the Wisconsin Advanced Placement Advisory Council, has announced that Middleton High School is among the 142 schools receiving recognition for high participation and achievement on Advanced Placement (AP) exams. This prestigious honor is part of the 2022 Advanced Placement Pacesetter Awards, which showcase excellence in student performance across the state.

The Pacesetter Awards, unique to Wisconsin, are a testament to the dedication and commitment of students and educators striving for academic excellence. Based on data from the 2021-22 school year, the awards are presented at three different levels, reflecting AP student participation rates and the percentage of students earning a score of three or higher on the exams.

Middleton High School has been bestowed with a level 2 award, indicating that 20% or more of all students participated in at least one AP exam, with an impressive 65% or more of those students achieving scores of 3 or above. This signifies the school's commitment to providing students with the opportunity for challenging college-level coursework and the potential to earn college credit while still in high school.

AP courses offer students a chance to immerse themselves in rigorous academic experiences, preparing them for the demands of higher education. The Pacesetter Awards recognize schools that have high participation in AP courses and boast a significant percentage of students earning scores of three or higher on the AP exams. 

Principal Peg Shoemaker expressed pride in the students and staff of Middleton High School, stating, "Receiving the Pacesetter Award is a reflection of our shared commitment to academic excellence. We are proud of our students' dedication and the outstanding efforts of our educators in preparing them for success in college and beyond."

As Middleton High School stands among the select group of schools recognized for their outstanding achievements, this recognition serves as a testament to the quality of education and commitment to student excellence within the Middelton community.