Tormach Tech Honors Middleton High School's Eric Wheeler for Innovative Engineering Teaching Methods

Tormach Tech recently spotlighted the innovative work of Eric Wheeler at Middleton High School, who is helping his students become proficient in Engineering and Technology. His impressive dedication to hands-on learning methods has caught the attention of Tormach Tech.

Thanks to community and local business support in the 2018 referendum, Middleton High School has acquired 20 cutting-edge Tormach mills, routers, and lathes. Tormach's business model of keeping prices low has allowed our district to purchase several Tormach machines, rather than just one, thereby enabling multiple students to work simultaneously on these easy-to-use machines.

The PathPilot control system,which is user-friendly, is responsible for the ease of use of the machines. Students can choose between conversational mode or bringing in their g-code from a CAD/CAM program to set up their activities. It is worth noting that Mr. Wheeler's confidence in allowing his students to use the Tormach machines results from the safety latches installed in each machine that stops the machine anytime the access doors are opened, thereby making safety a priority in the school.

Additionally, Middleton's Racing program is one of its most exciting and unifying programs. The program's objective is to build a high-performance race car that will compete with 15 other schools in the area. Through this program, many students have become interested in furthering their careers in manufacturing, engineering, and formula one racing. The enthusiasm they display makes Eric Wheeler one of the Tormach Tech Ed Heroes.

It is evident from Mr. Wheeler's work that there is a lot to learn from devoted teachers who prioritize a hands-on approach to instruction in technical subjects. Tormach Tech said they are proud to recognize his outstanding contribution to advancing engineering education.