10 DECA members recently competed at the annual MHS DECA Mini-Conference in order to practice their presentation skills for upcoming competitions.

The students performed a role play based on a scenario they would encounter if they had a job in marketing and took a multiple choice exam testing their knowledge of various marketing concepts.  

"The officers ran the competition and former MHS DECA members served as the judges," said Robert Hutchison, chapter advisor.  "It really is a neat chapter event. It's a great way for students to work on their presentation skills and a nice way for former members to give back to the club."

Medal winners were Asha Chakravartula, Sophie Cox, Parin Gouraram, Micah Hees, Charlie Hutchison, Nuha Khatri, Lauren Klein, Kriti Mitra. and Elsa Veseli.

Asha Chakravartula was named Series Champion because of her overall score on both events.  Honorable Mention winners were Parin Gouraram, Micah Hees, and Kriti Mitra.