Mural Project

When you walk into the front doors of Sunset Ridge Elementary, you will soon be greeted by a

mural filled with brightly colored drawings of students from different backgrounds. The word "WE" colored in yellow will be sure to catch your attention! 

In partnership with Dane Arts Mural Arts (DAMA) and the Middleton Education Foundation, MCPASD will be painting three murals at Sunset Ridge, Park, and Elm Lawn Elementary Schools. The designs were created to be inclusive and inviting for all students. 

The best part? Students from kindergarten to fourth grade are immersed in this project by helping paint all the murals. Some schools will also have paintings throughout the school that are also inclusive and inspiring. 

"So this came about with a grant that was written by some of our administrators in an effort to show the diversity that is within each school," said Art Teacher Ms.Monica. "Over the summer, our principal Maria Dyslin and our SEL Coordinator created some social-emotional learning standards which just lend themselves so well to the message we want to communicate to the public and students."

Sunset Ridge student, Evalynn loved getting together with her classmates to create something inclusive for all students. 

"I'm excited about this mural because I love to paint, and I love art," she said. "It's a giant mural, and I've never made a mural before, so it was fun."

Students were able to see the designs beforehand and talk about what the murals and paintings meant to them. Some were excited to see themselves and their cultures represented in the paintings.

"By actively working together, we are showing students that we are better together," said Ms.Monica.

The next mural will be painted at Park followed by Elm Lawn Elementary.