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National Merit Finalists 

Congratulations to the 28 National Merit Finalists from Middleton High School and Clark Street Community School! 

Our students never cease to amaze us with their talents in and out of the classroom. The National Merit Scholarship Program is an academic competition that recognizes and honors students for their academic excellence, extracurricular activities and skills, and potential for success in their careers.

Of about 1.6 million applicants, only about 15,000 students are selected as finalists.

Finalists may be granted the following type of sponsorships: 

  • Corporate Sponsored Awards 

  • National Merit Scholarship of $2,500

  • College Sponsored Awards 

By the conclusion of the competition, over $28 million will be granted to students nationwide. 

We are proud to share our students’ accomplishments below! 

Certificate of Merit Finalist(s):

Natalie Ahn, Evelyn Anderson, Mia Burkholder, Harsha Chilakapati, Grace DeCroix, Varun Gupta, Samuel Gustafson, Cheyenne Halverson, Rachel Hong, Franklin Hu, Aarush Jain, Hansen Jin, Clay Kaufman, Eun Seo Lee, Michael Lee, Anastasia Leffel, Jacob Mandelbrot, Mihir Manna, Seoyoung Min, Charlotte Neumann, Janice Peng, Alexander Seaborg, Katherine Stockhausen, Emily Tsipis, Daphne Wu, Emily Yao, Joshua Sampson, Madeline Jester

National Merit Scholarship Winner(s)  $2,500

  Mia M. Burkholder

 Hansen Jin

  Aarush Jain

  Charlotte S. Neumann

 Alexander T. Seaborg  

 Madeline Jester

Corporate-sponsored Merit Scholarship Recipient(s)


Joshua Sampson 

  • Sentry Insurance Foundation, Inc.

College-Sponsored Merit Scholarship Winners

  • Harsha Chilakapati

    • National Merit, University of Wisconsin -Madison Scholarship

  • Franklin C Hu

    • National Merit, Vanderbilt University Scholarship

Commended Students

Julia Flynn, Abigail Gessler, Ryan Inman, Kirin Raval  *Not Pictured* 

Congratulations to all! We have no doubt you have very bright futures ahead!