Stopfinder FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stopfinder?

An application used by Transportation to provide parents, guardians, and caretakers an option to view student transportation schedules in real time on a mobile device. It also provides a way for Transportation to send messages to all subscribers or select subscribers when necessary. For example, Transportation can send notice to all subscribers of students on a particular bus if a bus breaks down.

My student attends St. Francis Xavier. Can our family use Stopfinder?

No. You're unable to subscribe because MCPASD is not provided with unique student IDs necessary for Transportation to use Stopfinder features for your student.

How can I download and subscribe to Stopfinder App?

Submit a Transportation Helpdesk Request to receive an invitation to activate a subscription and download information.

What does Stopfinder look like?

See Stopfinder App.

How do I login to the Stopfinder App?

Transportation will send an invitation to the Primary Subscriber using their email address in Infinite Campus. You must accept your invitation to Stopfinder to login to the app. This email address the invitation was sent to must be used for the initial login to the Stopfinder App.

I was sent a subscription invitation to Stopfinder but my student’s additional guardian/parent did not receive one. Why?

Only one primary subscriber will be set up for a student. This subscriber can share subscriptions with any number of “sub subscribers.” 

Stopfinder is saying “Email Not found” for the email I entered when I tap “Forgot Password.”

If you have forgotten your password, you must use the email used for your Stopfinder App invitation. If you have changed the email in your Stopfinder Profile, that email must be used when retrieving a password.

How do I see my student’s transportation schedule once I have logged into the app?

When you first login, you will be brought to your student’s card – this card will automatically use the current date. The student card will display the current date’s transportation schedule. To view future dates, swipe from right to left. Swipe up to view additional student cards.

My student has a different transportation schedule on some days, how do I check that?

Schedules displayed on student cards are based on date. You will be brought to the current date when you first login to Stopfinder. Swipe from right to left to view future dates or use the calendar to select a date – tap the name of the month in the upper left-hand corner to open the calendar.

How do I share a subscription for my student?

If you are a Primary Subscriber, you can share your student’s schedule with additional Stopfinder App users. Tap the ellipses menu button on the student card for the student whose schedule you want to share. A menu will open at the bottom of the screen – tap Share Schedule. Complete all required fields and tap “Share.”

Can I share all of my subscriptions at one time?

Subscriptions are based on the student. They can only be shared one at a time.

Is there a limit to the number of subscriptions I can share?

No, you can share student subscriptions with any number of sub subscribers..

I shared a subscription but now I do not want that user to have access to my student’s transportation schedule. How do I remove that access?

To edit or remove a shared subscription, tap the Settings icon in the lower right-hand side of the app and select Manage Subscribers. Click on the menu next to the shared subscription and use the Disable Access menu item to prevent the selected sub subscriber from viewing student schedule information.

How do I see my student on the map?

From the student card, tap the ellipses menu button and tap the “View Map” option or you can tap on the student card. If a student has multiple trips, the View Map option will open their first “To School” trip of the day. Tapping on the trip name on the student card will open the map to that trip. Tap on the name of the trip at the top of the map to select a different trip to view.

I can’t see my student’s schedule for next month, how do I see this?

If your district has created schedules for the next month, you can quickly view future months by tapping on the name of the month in the upper left-hand corner. This will display a calendar – tap on the future date you wish to view. Note: this option may not display a schedule if there is not yet a schedule available for the date selected.

How do I send a message to the Transportation Department through Stopfinder?

If the Feedback feature has been enabled by your district, you can send messages to your Transportation Department. Tap the ellipses button on the student card – Feedback Messages will be associated to that student – and select the Send Message menu item.

I received a Push Notification from Stopfinder but I don’t know how to view the full message. How do I get to Announcements in the Stopfinder App?

Announcements and Feedback responses can be viewed by tapping on the Stopfinder “Stoppy” icon at the bottom of the app.  A blue badge will appear with the number of unread messages.

I did not receive a Push Notification but I do see a blue badge showing I have messages – why? 

Push Notifications require your device to be configured to allow Stopfinder to send Push Notifications. For iOS devices use Settings > Notifications > Stopfinder > Allow Notifications.  While Android settings vary by device, generally there is a Notifications option in App Settings or press and hold the Stopfinder App icon to see more options.

How do I turn Push Notifications on or off for Stopfinder?

See above – Notifications can be enabled or disabled from your device’s settings.

Will Push Notifications appear if I do not have Stopfinder open in the background?

Yes, Stopfinder does not have to be open for Push Notifications to appear.

Will Push Notifications appear if I am in the app viewing the student map?

Yes, notifications will appear at the top of your device’s screen if you are viewing your student’s card or map. Notifications can be cleared by swiping up on the notification or will automatically clear after 5 seconds.

There are several announcements in the Message Center. How do I view just the ones that I have not read yet?

Messages can be filtered to display “unread” messages. Tap the settings button in the Search bar to filter.

Can I delete messages?

Messages cannot be deleted but can be archived. Swipe from right to left on the message or announcement you want to archive and tap “Archive.”

I do not see all my students in Stopfinder, why?

Each student visible in the Stopfinder App has their own subscription. Your district has the ability to configure the Stopfinder app and subscriptions based upon district requirements and needs. It may be possible one or more students are not yet configured for the Stopfinder App.