Weekend Food Option at MHS

The Cardinal Nest, located at Middleton High School - Room 1154, is a welcoming and confidential space that provides students with extra food for after school, on weekends & during school breaks. In addition to food, students can get personal hygiene items, home essentials, clothing, and school supplies. Everything at the Cardinal Nest is free. 

The Cardinal Nest is open during lunch on A-Days and ASR on B-Days, beginning on the first day of school and ending on the last day. Students can also access the space with an MHS staff member at other times during the day.

Students can choose the items that they would like to take home. There is no signup process and no forms to fill out. Students can visit the Nest when it’s convenient for them. 

For more information, please visit MHSCardinalNest.org 

If you have questions about the Cardinal Nest or other resources available through MHS, students & families are invited to please contact a social worker or any member of their Student Services hub.


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