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Parking and
Student Drop-Off/Pick-Up
Visiting School
Cold Weather Reminders
Animals in School
Snack Policy



Reporting Absences

Children are required by law to be in attendance except that they may be excused for illness or a religious holiday. Parents are asked to leave a message at 829-9050 each day a child is absent. Parents should be prepared to leave amessage with the child's name, grade level, teacher, date of absence, reason for absence, parent's name, and a phone number where the parent can be reached during the day. Absences without parent permission are considered to be unexcused.

Returning to School After an Absence

Children or their parents are responsible for finding out what work needs to be made up due to absence. If you feel your child is well enough to return to school after an illness or injury, but like to have him/her remain indoors during recess, a note from you is sufficient to keep your child inside for up to two day after an illness. If more than two days are required, a physician's statement would authorize the teacher to keep your child indoors or restrict activity for as long as necessary to recover from the illness or injury.

Taking Children out of School for Vacation

Although it is not recommended to take children out of school for an extended period of time, we will make reasonable attempts to supplement work missed.  Advance assignments and sending classroom materials, etc., will be limited, and at the discretion of the teacher.  Teachers will not be expected to reteach a lesson. If you are taking your child out of school for an extended period of time. If you are taking your child out of school for an extended period of time, please complete and sign the form available in the school office.  The completed form should be returned to the school office prior to the absence.  

Doctor or Dentist Appointments

If possible, please make appointments for times other than during school hours.  If this is not possible, please inform the teacher of the time you will pick your child up and when he/she will return to school.  In all cases, students should be picked up at the school office, and check in at the office when returning to school.



Parking and Student Drop Off/Pick Up

For the safety of all children coming to and from school, the schools have established marked areas that MUST be free from vehicular traffic.  It is imperative that drivers of automobiles observe these safety zones and under no circumstances use these zones for parking or for the drop off or pick up of students.



Visiting School

Parents are  encouraged to visit school during the regular school day.  Some teachers set aside special times for your visit, while others prefer that you come at your convenience.  It is best if you do contact your child’s teacher in advance to assure a visit that will enable you to have a very productive experience.

Please check  in at the office, and sign the guest register, to receive proper authorization, and to get helpful directions.  Teachers are directed to send unauthorized visitors to the office. This includes all school areas, both in and outside the building, and refers to ALL parents and visitors.  Your cooperation in this matter will help us ensure the safety of the children, and minimize disruptions of school routine.



Cold Weather Reminders

  • Children must be dressed adequately to be outdoors during recess periods and after eating lunch.  The use of snow pants and boots is encouraged so children may take advantage of the snow.
  • It is necessary that shoes be worn by children at all times when in the school buildings.  When snow boots are worn, shoes should be carried or kept in school to be worn during the day.
  • Children should not arrive at school excessively early. Supervision before 7:25 a.m. is not provided. Children may  enter the building at 7:40 a.m.(7:35 for grades k-2), and into the classroom at  7:45 a.m

Recess Periods During Cold Weather

All elementary schools in the Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District follow similar guidelines for requiring students to stay indoors due to cold weather.  The wind chill is the criteria used and is applied as follows:

1.  Warmer than 0 degrees Fahrenheit - Outdoor Recess

2.  Colder than 0 degrees Fahrenheit or -10  degree wind chill - Indoor Recess



Animals in School

Students may bring pets in for show and tell, unit study, etc. for a limited time. Principal permission must be granted and the owner/parent/guardian must remain with the animal(s) and provide supervision during its entire stay in the classroom. In addition, the Request Form, Student Verification Form and Staff Verification From must be completed prior to the animal(s) classroom visit. No reptiles or amphibians will be permitted in grades EC through 8th grade.



Snack Policy
Snacks and treats served during the student school day should meet acceptable nutritional standards.  In addition, to reduce the risk to students who have food allergies, all food items that are provided in a classroom must have ingredients labeled and may require prior approval of the parent/guardian of the allergic  student.  Even then, the food item may not be suitable due to unknown ingredients and potential cross contamination.