District sees big jump in enrollment

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Assistant Superintendent Sherri Cyra provided her monthly update on enrollment to the Board of Education at its regular meeting on Monday, June 12.

She noted the District believes most families with incoming kindergarten students have registered so the number between the projected and actual enrollment is very close and should remain so.

She said West Middleton continues to be the school most over-projection. She also expects the numbers to change at the middle school once alternative transfer assignments are processed. She said the District has received 14 requests from Glacier Creek to Kromrey for incoming fifth-graders and only three from Kromrey to Glacier Creek. She also said ATAs typically are held until August but the District will likely address the requests earlier this year.

The District gained 68 students from May to June, which is the largest increase the District has seen in those months in many years. However, she noted most years the enrollment update comes at the end of June. She theorized that by that point students who didn't graduate at the start of the month leave or complete their requirements so that number may be artificially inflated.

In other news from Monday's meeting:

* The Board approved a trip to Spain by 26 MHS students and four chaperones that will take place on June 19 to 30. According to policy, all foreign travel must be approved by the Board.
* The Board voted moving forward with the project that will put UW Credit Union in MHS but asked that some language in the contract be updated.

UW Credit Union was one of two credit unions that were interviewed by District officials for the partnership. UW Credit Union will also provide services and educational programming.

Board member Annette Ashley said she was impressed with the seminars offered and the three new scholarships being offered. There were questions about marketing and Business Services Director Lori Ames said marketing will focus on participating in seminars and the financial literacy.

Superintendent George Mavroulis said the District won't be putting any money into the remodel and UW Credit Union will decide if it spends $126,000 or if it is more or less.

The Board asked that changes be made to the contract to include language that is required as part of the new public-private partnership along with concerns about the amount of liability insurance and wording about students being transported to UW Credit Union facilities away from MHS.

* The Board approved the school nutrition services purchasing cooperative. Several area school districts of varying sizes have participated in a cooperative for food purchases, which has allowed for controlled growth and achieving competitive pricing. CESA 2 is not a participating member of the cooperative but does have the choice of acting as a fiscal agent. If CESA 2 isn't interested, a participating district will act in that capacity.

Business Services Director Lori Ames said about 65 districts have been a part of this cooperative the past couple of years. She said some changes the past couple of years have led to increases in prices that have priced-out some districts.