Board recognizes MHS debate team

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The MHS debate team was recognized by the Board of Education at its regular meeting on Monday, Feb. 13.

Six members -- Ellen Bresnick, Meghna Datta, Mia Kim, Andrew Lee, Umer Sohail and Anaka Srinivas -- attended.

In other news from Monday's meeting:

* The Board unanimously approved the capital maintenance projects for 2017-18. The Board reviewed the projects at its regular meeting on Jan. 23.
* The Board unanimously accepted the 2015-16 audit report. Wendi Unger, partner for Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, was available via phone during the Finance Committee meeting and briefly reviewed the statements and answered questions.

* The Board unanimously adopted a resolution authorizing the issuance and sale of $9,615,000 general obligation refunding bonds. The original resolution called for borrowing of $10,460,000 but the actual sale closed on Monday and bids were even better than anticipated. As part of the process, the District was rated by Moody's and maintained its Aaa rating.

* The Board approved an amendment to the land agreement between the District and Madison Metropolitan School District. Administration recommended an amendment to the 1999 boundary agreement that would allow commercial property to be transferred based on a percentage of total area.

* The Board approved the first reading of I-D.1 to I-D.6. The policies were reviewed by the Policy Committee, which made some proposed changes. Sean Hyland covered the changes with the Board.

* The Board approved the second reading of Board Policies I-C.5 and I-D. The Policy Committee met and made minor changes to both before the first reading on Jan. 9. The second reading approval was tabled during the meeting on Jan. 23.

* The Board deferred approving a budget amendment for 2016-17 until the regular meeting on Feb. 27.

* The Board decided against going over feedback from the listening sessions it held with staff on Jan. 23 due to how late the meeting was running.

* The Board decided against having Superintendent George Mavroulis and Board members who attended providing a report on the annual WASB State Convention in Milwaukee last month due to how late the meeting was running.

* The Board voted to approve the transfer or certain residential properties from MCPASD to MMSD and some commercial properties from MMSD to MCPASD according to the 1999 Boundary Agreement.

* The Board tabled voting on a petition from Michael Morey/Oakwood Corporation to detach property from MCPASD to MMSD. Oakbrook is working on an apartment development at 7902 Watts Road and the building will sit on two parcels of which one is located in MMSD and one is located in MCPASD. The petition was voted down a  year ago. Doug Buck spoke on behalf of Oakwood at a public hearing at the start of the meeting and requested that it be approved. The Board would like to know what comparable property MMSD will transfer before making a decision. It will be an action item at the meeting on Feb. 27.