Board approves resolution with city

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The Board of Education approved a partnership resolution with the City of Middleton at its regular meeting on Monday, June 26.

The resolution states a desire to partner in the possible development of a tax incremental district (TID) area near MHS. The city approved a similar resolution on June 20. George Mavroulis and Bob Green attended that meeting, while Green and clerk Todd Smith signed the resolution after the Board meeting.

In other news from Monday's meeting:

* The Board approved the contract with the UW Credit Union, which includes adding a financial institution at MHS.The Board reviewed the contract and approved the partnership at its meeting on June 12.

Several changes were requested on the contract. Changes were made for both student transportation and termination of the agreement. Lori Ames said in the unlikely event transportation is needed and is connected to work language was added stating the vehicle must be insured and a third person, such as a staff member or another District employee, must be in the car. She also noted dates-timelines were added to the termination language so UW Credit Union can adjust staffing accordingly.

She said language wasn't added about staff being able to opt out of becoming UW Credit Union members because it would be hard to maintain due to the large turnover of staff. Instead, she will work with UW Credit Union to find a process that works and communicate to staff regularly about the opting out option.

* The Board approved an intergovernmental agreement with the City of Middleton to provide crossing guards at Elm Lawn, Northside and Sauk Trail.

* The Board approved the 2017-18 budget planning assumptions. The Board will approve the preliminary budget in July and Ames wanted the Board to approve the assumptions in advance of that. The current assumptions include an increase of $150 per pupil in categorical aid based on the lowest number some lawmakers currently are proposing. If the state goes with a $200 increase as the governor has proposed, that can be approved as part of the budget process in the fall.

* The Board approved the budget changes for 2016-17. The Board approves these changes twice a year as part of a routine accounting procedure to utilize budget transfers to balance accounts among functional areas and account for changes that arise following adoption of a budget. The majority of the current budget transfers are as a result of the reallocation of grant funds and unanticipated staffing changes-additions.

* The Board approved the 2017-18 school fees. Ames asked that the athletic fees not be approved until July as she wants to compare how MCPASD fees compare with other comparable districts.

Administration recommended no changes to fees for 2017-18 other than removal of some of the event fees from the Board approval process.

* The Board approved athletic tournaments in Fund 96 as fundraisers. MHS hosts a number of athletic tournaments or competitions each year and the District utilizes a special fund (Fund 96) to account for revenues and expenditures related to these events. Many of the events result in profit for MCPASD and as fundraisers that money can be used toward capital expenditures that enhance the facilities hosting.

* The Board approved American Financial Network as part of a 5-year lease purchase agreement for equipment and vehicles with a life span greater than five years. The District received bids on June 20 for the next fiscal year and American Financial Network submitted the low bid with an interest rate of 1.95 percent.

* The Board approved the public depositories for 2017-18. The Board is required to designate financial institutions/investments entities to serve as official depositories for school district funds and investments annually. The following financial institutions/depositories/investment entities will fill those roles in 17-18:

  • State Bank of Cross Plains: primary depository for District
  • Wisconsin Investment Series Cooperative (WISC): cash flow management and reinvestment of bond proceeds (and corresponding institutions where investments are awarded/placed)
  • Bank of Montreal/Harris Bank: purchasing card program
  • Morgan Stanley: Wisconsin OPEB Trust
  • American Financial Network, Inc.: lease purchase financing escrow
  • American Deposit Management: local investment fund for funds needed on a more short-term basis.