Events & Presentations

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Junior Seminars:  These small-group meetings will have a maximum of ten families and are designed for you and your child to focus on their education and career development and learn information to continue planning for their future. These seminars will last approximately 45 minutes – 1 hour and take place at various time​s​ throughout the school day. Your involvement in this conference is very important!

The Junior Seminar is an important piece of planning for the final year of high school as well as for developing a post high school plan. Below are some of the items to be discussed during the seminar:

  • High School Transcript Review

  • High School Graduation vs. College Admission Requirements

  • Senior Course Selections

  • Activities Resume

  • Post-Secondary Planning Timeline

  • Career Plans

  • Online Resources/Future Opportunities

Junior Seminar Preplanned Absence Form.pdf


MHS Spanish Version - Junior Seminar Presentation - October 2016.pptx_.pdf


High School 101: This event offers grade-level specific information regarding post-secondary planning for students and parents/guardians of all grades.  This presentation is offered in mid-to-late-September each year.

2016 Freshman High School 101 Presentation (1).pdf

High School 101 - 10th grade -fall 2016.pdf

High School 101 Presentation - Juniors & Seniors 2016 (2).pdf

MHS High School 101 general for ESL presentation 2016 SPANISH.pdf

Post-Secondary Planning Night: This event offers the opportunity to meet two-year college, four-year college, military and financial aid representatives for presentations and question/answer sessions.  This event is offered at the end of October each year and is geared toward sophomore/junior students and their parents/guardians.

            Post-Secondary Planning Night.pdf

Financial Strategies Night:  This event includes a presentation offered by the financial aid staff from UW- Madison.  This presentation is offered in January of each year and is geared toward junior/senior students and their parents/guardians.

Middleton 2017-18 FinAid.pdf

Freshman Planning Conferences:  Freshman and their parents/guardians are invited to participate in a freshman planning conference with their school counselor.  A specially designed meeting for the student to focus on the development of their four year plan.  The conferences are an opportunity to discuss the students interest, courses, and post-secondary plans.  It is not a traditional parent-teacher conference or an appropriate place to discuss discipline issues.  Conferences are schedule to last 30 minutes and will be completed before course registration in January (when 9th grade students will pick their 10th grade classes).

These meetings will only be taking place during the months of November and December.   Counselors are asking that the students and parents/guardians do some prep work on the 4 year plan before their meeting.  This will be critical in order to finish the meeting in a half hour.  

Freshman Conferencing Letter - Fall 2016.doc

Four year planning worksheet-worksheet only (1).doc

Pre Planned Absence Form only.doc


Curriculum and Instruction:


  • Team building activities are provided to the freshman students on the first day of school in a large group setting as well as in individual classrooms during the month of September. 

  • Activities and discussion around the importance of grades and calculating grade point average are provided to the freshman students in their advisory classes.

    • Academic Goal Setting Worksheet

    • Making the Grade: Steps for Success Handout

    • Calculating GPA Worksheet

  • Information on how to interpret the Explore results is provided to students in their advisory classes.

  • Activities and discussion around sophomore registration are provided to students in their advisory classes.

  • Activities and discussion around four-year planning are provided to students in their advisory classes.

    • Four Year Planning Worksheet

    • Sample Four Year Planning Worksheet

  • Activities and discussion around career cluster inventories and career planning are provided to students in their advisory classes.

Senior Class Meeting:  A whole class meeting is held to discuss graduation/college admission requirements, the college application process, scholarship information and post-secondary planning resources.  This meeting is held in early-to-mid September. 

Senior Powerpoint Presentation fall 2016.pdf