Investment Club

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Investment Club seeks to inform students not only about the financial markets, but also about the management and development of companies. We compete in monthly, half-yearly, and yearly competitions which involve investing artificial money in different equities to get the most appreciation. We have official group meetings two times per month either in ASR, or before school in room 3801. Each meeting is 30-45 minutes and consists of guest speakers, investment strategy presentations, and group collaboration. Our guest speakers will range from investment analysts to senior level executives with years of experience. Presentations from experts and members of the club will improve our understanding of the financial markets and allow for more success now and in the future. If you're interested in the way businesses develop and investing in general, nothing should stop you from joining Investment Club. Competitions are not mandatory, and neither are the meetings, you should join if you’re interested in the competitions, the information, or both!
Investment Club Meeting Schedule for Second Semester 2016-2017
1st, 7:30am (officers)-Room 3801
8th (ASR) (All) - Room 3801-Kick off new competition. New members welcome! 
15th 7:30am (officers)-Room 3801
23rd (ASR) (All)-Room 3801
7th, 7:30am (officers)-Room 3801
15th (ASR) (All)-Room 3801
21st, 7:30am (officers)-Room 3801
5th (ASR) (All)-Room 3801
11th, 7:30am (officers)-Room 3801
26th (ASR) (All)-Room 3801
17th, 7:30am (officers)-Room 3801
24th (ASR) (All)-Room 3801- Last Meeting - Year end celebration.  Senior recognition.



Mary Breunig:  829 9960