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Senior Newsletter: Senior Newsletter 2014

Permission Form Senior Trip:  PermissionForm.pdf

Information & Guidelines for Senior Trip

The Senior Class is planning a field trip to Green Lake on Wednesday, May 28, 2014. This letter contains important information regarding the trip. Please read it thoroughly before signing the permission slip. Information on safety factors and behavioral expectations has also been shared at the senior class meeting, in the MHS Student Handbook, and in the Cardinal Connection newsletter.
Any senior who has not paid and still wants to go on the trip should pay $30.00 at the Business Secretary’s office by Wednesday, May 21, 2014.  
Seniors will be able to check in for the Senior Trip between 7:20 – 8:00 a.m. in the varsity gym. Students should enter through the concourse. At this time, all students’ bags will be searched. (Please see the “Rules and Expectations” section for more information regarding bag searches.)
Following check-in, students must remain in the gym. During this time, students may pick up their lunches (if needed), and enjoy breakfast until it is time to leave.
Transportation is via school bus leaving Middleton High School at approximately 8:40 a.m. and returning to MHS at approximately 9:00 p.m. Students are required to ride the school busses and may not drive themselves or others to Green Lake.
A light breakfast provided by the senior class will be served in the varsity gym following check-in. 
Each person should bring a bag lunch for the noon meal. Students may order a bag lunch through their Lunch Express account to be picked up the morning of the trip.
Water and soda is provided throughout the day. The senior class also provides snacks, although students may bring their own. (Please see the “Rules and Expectations” section for more information regarding food and beverage items that are not allowed.) 
The evening meal, catered by the Green Lake Conference Center, will consist of hamburgers, chicken breasts, raw veggies and dip, hot dogs, veggie burgers, potato salad, fresh fruit, potato chips, cookies, and brownies.
Volleyball, softball, basketball, tennis, frisbee, hiking, fishing, and “loafing” are among the activities that are available to everyone. Some of the equipment will be provided but students may want to bring their own along. Pontoon rides will be available throughout the day.  Swimming in Green Lake is not allowed at this time of the year.
Bicycles, canoes, and paddleboats are available to rent. Students interested in golfing should see Jeff Kenas, Associate Principal for golf information and costs. 
If it rains, students may bring appropriate DVDs to watch. Equipment to play DVDs will be available at Green Lake in the event of inclement weather.
A D.J. from Celebrations Entertainment will play from 2:00 – 5:00 pm.
Prior to attending the senior trip, seniors must have served all of their detentions and taken care of all of their obligations with the LMC.
Any student electing not to participate in the senior class trip is expected to be in regular classroom attendance on May 28. Absences must be handled directly between parents/guardians and the student’s dean, and appointments will be verified by the school.
Seniors are expected to behave in a respectful and responsible manner throughout the day.
All students must have their bags searched prior to attending the trip. Students may not bring any beverages in bottles on the trip. All bottles, opened or unopened, will be confiscated at check-in. Home-baked goods are also not permitted and will be confiscated.
Alcohol and other drugs are prohibited. A violation of this rule will result in disciplinary action such as a suspension from school and consequences from a law enforcement agency. Students who violate this rule will also lose the privilege of walking in the graduation ceremony.
The senior trip is a school-sponsored event. Therefore, all students (including those who are 18) may NOT use or possess tobacco on the trip. Any tobacco products found during bag searches will be confiscated. Students are reminded that possession of tobacco products by individuals under 18 years of age is also against the law.
All seniors are expected to attend a full day of school the day following the Senior Trip. Only doctor’s excuses and special circumstances approved in advance by a dean will be considered excused. Unexcused absences will result in natural consequences such as detentions and/or failing grades for the day. Detentions assigned as consequences must be served prior to participation in the graduation ceremony.
Because of the extra risks of accident and injury involved in travel away from the school premises, permission from the parent/guardian is necessary before the student may take part in this activity.  The permission form for the senior class trip must be signed by both student and parent/guardian (even for those students who are 18) before they may sign up for a bus.  Students will not be allowed to go to Green Lake unless the permission form has been completed and returned, and the Senior Trip fee has been paid.
Parent/guardian permission implies that the school district, the administration, and the teachers are not liable for unforeseen situations beyond their control or for the misconduct of their student.
Please direct any questions to Jamie Domini, Dean of Students, at 829-9996 or Ruth Herbin, Administrative Assistant, at 829-9663.  We thank you for your cooperation and look forward to an enjoyable day with the senior class!