Summer School

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2017 Summer School
Dates: Monday, June 19 - Thursday, July 27, 2017 (no school 7/4)
Time: 8:00am - Noon
Location: Clark Street Community School
There will only be one six week summer school session.
Students may sign up for a maximum of two semester-long courses 
or a total of one (1.0) credit this summer.
How does Summer School work at MHS?
  • Summer school will run for six weeks and will include both face-to-face time with a teacher and online time which can be completed at school or outside of school.  

  • Students will physically attend class at Clark Street Community School two days per week per class on their assigned day(s). In science, math and English courses, one of these days will be spent in a skills seminar with students from multiple grades.  

  • Students having difficulty completing work independently may be required to attend class more than twice a week to receive additional support.  

  • Students will work with a subject area teacher on face-to-face days and will be expected to work online for up to 12 hours per course the remainder of the week.  

  • A computer lab will be open and staffed from 8:00am to 12:00pm, Monday-Thursday for students who do not have computer/Internet access at home. 

  • Special education support will be available to students. 

  • Coursework will be modified and differentiated to meet individual student needs. 

  • Students will receive a letter grade for each summer school course which will be averaged into their cumulative GPA.   

  • NEW! Lunch will be served at MHS from June 19th through August 10th, Monday to Thursday.  Lunch  will be served from 11:15 am to 1:15 pm.

What Courses Are Being Offered? 


English 9

English 10

English 11

English 12 *



U.S. History

Algebra II

Algebra I


U.S. Government

Comm Studies**

Modern World History


Physical Education


*English 12 will only be offered online for students who are credit deficient. While students are welcome to utilize the CSCS computer labs, they are not required to attend school two days per week. They are only required to complete their final exam at CSCS.
**Comm Studies fulfills requirements for Argumentation and Debate, Culture and Interpretation, and Rhetoric and Presentation
Who is Eligible for Summer School?  
Any student who received an F in any of the above courses

Students who received a D+ or lower in some courses may be eligible to take a summer school course with teacher recommendation. Credit will be given only once for each course. This will depend on space availability within each course.  

Will Transportation be offered?
This will be dependent on student need. When students apply for summer school there will be a place to indicate transportation needs.  
Are there any Fees for Summer School?
No. There will not be any fees charged for summer school.  
What is the Enriched Physical Education Course?  
We are offering students the opportunity to take a P.E. class for regular, initial credit in lieu of taking one semester of P.E. during the school year. The credit may be used to satisfy a student’s regular P.E. requirement.  Students can only take summer school enrichment physical education ONE TIME in their high school career. 
What is the summer school attendance policy?
If a student misses three days, the student will need to meet with the administrator and course instructor to create an attendance plan. If the plan cannot be sustained, the student may not receive credit for the summer school course and may be removed from the course.
Tentative Summer School Schedule
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

1st Block

(2 Hours)

Phy Ed Seminar

Science Seminar

Math Seminar

Phy Ed Seminar

English Seminar

Health Seminar

Social Studies Seminar

English 9 Section


English 10 Section


Biology Section I

  Algebra II Section   Geometry Section
Passing Period

2nd Block

(2 Hours)


Science Seminar

Math Seminar

Phy Ed Seminar


Health Seminar

Social Studies Seminar

Chemistry Section


English 11 Section

Bio Section II

Algebra Section

*Class dates and times may change based on enrollment.  Final Schedule will be shared at June 7th meeting.
Seminar: All students in the subject (all courses) attend the subject skills seminar to focus on the skills related to being successful in that particular subject area.  Example: A student taking English 9 would attend the English Seminar on Monday and the English 9 Section on Thursday morning.
Section: Only students in the course-specific section attend each class labeled “section.”
How To Sign Up For Summer School:
1. Check with your school counselor or CSCS advisor to find out which course(s) make the most sense for you to take over summer school. 

2. Complete the application form and bring it to Student Services.

3. Registration is on a first come, first served basis. The final deadline for submitting an application is Friday, June 2, 2017 at 4 pm. Applications should be turned in to Darcy Middleton in the Student Services office or Sheila MIller in the CSCS office.

4. Students should register for summer school even if there is a chance they may pass a course they are currently failing or close to failing. We cannot guarantee placement beyond June 2. Summer school classes may be dropped if the student ends up passing the class. 

5. Students and parents/guardians are invited to attend a summer school information meeting on Wednesday, June 7, 5:30 p.m. This is an in-person meeting at Middleton High School.  This meeting will not last more than 30 minutes.  For more information, contact Michelle Kruse at or (608) 829-9706 or your school counselor or CSCS advisor.


6. Student summer school orientation will occur during the first class period that the student attends.


Mddleton High School Summer School info and application 2017