MHS has strong showing at Science Olympiad

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Four MHS students took first place at the Science Olympiad South Central Regional on Saturday at Edgewood College.

Junior Asha Jain and sophomore Michelle Chi took top honors in anatomy and physiology, while seniors Melissa Ahn and Cha Mee Kim captured first place in food science.

MHS had four other teams place in the top five. Max Balasubramaniam and Jon-Luke Hash placed second in wind power, generating four volts of electricity with a small balsa wood fan. Ahn and Daicy Yu placed third in rocks and minerals. Balasubramaniam and Luke-Hash also placed fifth in sustainable energy, while Ahn and Jain were fifth in microbe mission

Approximately 20 teams from the southern part of the state competed in the regional. team had a regional tournament at Edgewood this weekend. 

"They did great,'' said Angie Humphrey, who is a co-adviser with Peter Kechele

The state tournament will be April 7-8 at UW-Milwaukee.

Wisconsin Science Olympiad, Inc is a non-profit organization that has a mission to promote STEM education for students in Wisconsin K-12 schools by engaging communities in the thrill, excitement and challenge of science, technology, engineering and math competition. Science Olympiad is in its 33rd year and is the largest STEM competition in North America.