Tuesday Schedule

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Bk.5 : “Carnegie Hall”
Rachel Wood
Rachel & Haiwen
Holly Essert
Cameron Regan
The Piano Dudes: Nathan Trinkl, & Calvin Guse, 
Victoria Kovall
Bk. 6: “Barrymore Theater”
Peace Tea Boys 2.0
Hip Hop Hipparchus
Bristol Street
Buddy & Natalie
The Outfielders
Owen & Bridget
Bridget Cooney
Tom Myrland
Rafael Sanga
Advisory: “SPOTLIGHT”
During both Study Halls/Advisory periods, a special performance will receive the Spotlight.  Classes only: no tickets!
Hope & Co. Bottle Brigade
Concerto-Aria Competition Honors Recital
Bk. 7: “Barrymore Theater”
Anthony Fobes
Kaitlyn Brockway
Robin Alcorta
Sam Does It All
ASR2: “Barrymore Theater”
Second Half of ASR ONLY
Sign Up = FlexiSCHED + drop off signed ticket as you enter the PAC
Lydia & Friends
Megha Chalke
Jack Thompson
Elizabeth Jordan
Chloe Cole
Mrs. Enerson’s PSA Projects!