Four Year Advisory Program

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Four Year Advisory Comes to MHS

It is a magnificent time at Middleton High School. For the past thirteen years, Advisory has been qualified as a freshman transition and personalization program. However, the 2015-2016 school year commences our Four Year Advisory Program - personalization and social/emotional support for all of our students.

A team of MHS staff (Erica Kallies, Michelle Kruse, Andy Hartman, Pat Keeler, Nicole Morehouse, Michael Nass, John Niesen, Ann Parks, Megan Stam, Lauri Weis, Tamara Weisbrod, Mike Kusch, Kristin Muenster, Marcy Smith, Ellen Baum, Karen Stodola, Kristin Wilson, Linda Schuerman) met last spring and early summer to develop the Advisory curriculum. The team included tried and true practices as well as activities that fit the following purpose for Middleton High School Advisory:

  • To foster intellectual growth and habits of commitment by developing closer relationships between staff and students.

  • To establishing workable goals for high school and post-high school experiences.

  • To coordinate services between varied professionals in the building.

  • To facilitate communication(student-teacher-families).

  • To develop student self-advocacy.

  • To provide an adult contact.

  • To personalize each student’s experience at MHS.

The curriculum team will continue to refine the curriculum during this school year and beyond.  In addition, you will be receiving periodic Advisory updates as the year progresses.

Thank you for continuing to support our MHS students!

Sincerely, Linda Schuerman (Advisory Coordinator)