All about 4K

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What is the 4K Program?

The Middleton-Cross Plains 4K (MCPASD 4K) program is a voluntary, comprehensive child development program available to all four-year-old children and their families within the Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District (MCPASD).  MCPASD 4K is a play-based program designed to nurture the social, emotional and early numeracy and literacy skills of four-year-old children.  It does not take the place of kindergarten. MCPASD 4K is implemented using a community-collaborative model that builds on existing resources within our community.  Partnerships between our elementary schools, child care centers and preschools are used to provide quality early childhood education for four-year-olds.

What is the age eligibility of the 4K program?

A child must be four years old on or before September 1st to participate in the MCPASD 4K program. There will be no early admission to the program.

What are the hours of the program?

A program has to meet DPI requirements of a minimum of 437 instructional hours and 87.5 hours of parental involvement in the MCPASD 4K program.  All programs will operate Monday- Friday, except when noted on the calendar for training dates, vacations, in-services, etc.  All sites will follow the Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District calendar. PLEASE NOTE:  MCPASD 4K students may have a slightly different schedule than the K-12 student calendar.

AM Session:  9:00 – 11:30

PM Session:  12:15 – 2:45

Where are the classes held?

Academy For Little Learners
Address: 9649 Silicon Prairie Parkway, Verona
Contact: Amy Crooks 608.826.5437

Little Cardinals Academy
Address: 1805 Bourbon Road, Cross Plains
Contact: Brenda Fritz 608.237-1826

Club House For Kids - Middleton
Address: 3150 Deming Way, Middleton
Contact: Rebecca Ganser 608.824.2090

Kids Junction Pre-School
Address: 8084 Watts Road, Madison
Contact: Sheryl Strommen and Sandra Olsen 608.827.5437

LaPetite Academy-Gammon

Address: 202 South Gammon Road, Madison

Contact: Jenifer Nicklaus 608.827.4769

Little Cardinals Academy

Address: 1805 Bourbon Road, Cross Plains
Contact: Brenda Fritz 608.237-1826

Little Red Pre-School
Address: 7739 Terrace Avenue, Middleton
Contact: Karen Meinholz/Diane Olson/Courtney Meyer 608.831.0033 (extension1)

Middleton Baby and Childcare
Address: 5219 Century Avenue, Middleton
Contact: Elizabeth Strasma 608.819.8370

Middleton Pre-School
Address: 7118 Old Sauk Road, Madison
Contact: Joan Stoppleworth 608.836.7554

Pooh Bear Child Care and Pre-School
Address: 1340 Deming Way, Middleton
Contact:  Theresa Shaeffer 608.831.2327

Primrose School of Middleton
Address: 3000 Deming Way, Middleton
Contact:  Amanda Kienbaum 608.841.1684 *2017-2018 School Year

Elm Lawn Elementary School 

Address:  7627 Woodgate Road, Middleton
Contact: 4K Principal, Kari Saunders 608.829.9039


Is transportation provided?

Transportation is provided to and from 4K, we do not provide transportation for wrap around care.  In order to receive transportation, you must attend a site that is in your elementary attendance area. If your child attends daycare he/she must attend a 4K site that is located in the elementary attendance area of that daycare.  The following list should be referenced when selecting a 4K site if you need bussing.

Elm Lawn Elementary Bussing Sites:

Kids Junction Pre-School 

LaPetite Academy-Gammon  

Little Red Pre-School  

Elm Lawn Integrated 4K Classroom 

Northside Elementary Bussing Sites:

Club House-Middleton  

Little Red Pre-School  

Middleton Baby and Childcare

Park Elementary Bussing Sites:

Clubhouse for Kids-Cross Plains  

Sauk Trail Elementary Bussing Sites:

Little Red Pre-School  

Middleton Baby and Childcare

Pooh Bear Childcare and Pre-School  

Sunset Ridge Elementary Bussing Sites:

Clubhouse for Kids- Middleton   

Pooh Bear Childcare and Pre-School   

Primrose Pre-School


What about school supplies and orientation?

Individual 4K sites will contact parents directly to share open house/orientation information.

The 4K supply list includes the following items:


  • Folders (1 for taking home, 1 for writing)

  • Backpack (Large enough to hold take home folder)

  • Markers (Crayola Washable)

  • Crayons (24 pack)

  • Extra clothing in a bag labeled with child’s name

  • Glue sticks x 4

  • Bottle of Glue x2



  • Ziploc bags (Last names A-L bring quart sized /M-Z bring gallon size)

  • Kleenex x2 (Last names A-L)

  • Reams of paper x2 (Last names M-Z)

  • Watercolors

  • Dry erase markers X2

  • 1 craft item of your choice (glitter glue, feathers, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, popsicle sticks)

  • Playdough

  • Colored pencils

  • Package of paper plates


*Each site will have an individual policy on snacks that will be shared with families.