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MCPASD Community Based 4K Sites

Academy For Little Learners: 9649 Silicon Prairie Parkway, Verona

Club House For Kids-Middleton:3150 Deming Way, Middleton

Kids Junction Pre-School: 8084 Watts Road Madison

LaPetite Academy: 202 South Gammon Road, Madison
Little Cardinals Academy–Cross Plains: 1805 Bourbon Road, Cross Plains

Little Red Pre-School-Middleton 7739 Terrace Avenue, Middleton

Little Red Pre-School-Cross Plains: 2427 Church Street, Cross Plains *Housed in the St.Martin's Church Building.

Middleton Baby and Childcare: 5219 Century Avenue, Middleton

Middleton Pre-School: 7118 Old Sauk Road, Madison

Pooh Bear Child Care and Pre-School: 1340 Deming Way, Middleton

Primrose Child Care: 3000 Deming Way, Middleton

Elm Lawn Elementary School: 6701 Woodgate Road, Middleton


Little Red Pre-School: 7739 Terrace Avenue, Middleton