Middle school math students impress

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Some of Glacier Creek and Kromrey's best middle school math students competed in the District Math Meet at the Hilton Garden Inn on Tuesday, March 7 and Wednesday, March 8.

To see more photos, please visit the District's Facebook page.

In all, 240 students -- 50 each from grades 5 through 8 -- participated. The meets involved finding solutions to problems that focused on mathematical computations, mathematical reasoning, problem-solving and mental math.

The top 12 students in each grade qualified for the Regional Math Meet in Sun Prairie and involve students from Madison, Verona and Sun Prairie school districts. The meet for grades 5-6 will take place on April 18, while grades 7-8 will compete on April 19.

Fifth Grade Results

Place Name School Place Name School
1st Grace Wu Kromrey 7th Isha Chilukuri Kromrey
2nd Nathan Kwon Glacier Creek 8th Juliette Mandelbrot Glacier Creek
3rd Nicholas Olson Glacier Creek 9th Thea Rowling Kromrey
4th Ian Lam Glacier Creek 10th Miles Wagener Kromrey
5th Roddy McLellan Kromrey 11th Eric Ma Glacier Creek
6th Ruth Nelson Glacier Creek 12th Gabi Tabone Glacier Creek
1st alt. Elliot Staresinic Kromrey 2nd alt. Keena Cheng Kromrey

Sixth Grade Results

Place Name School Place Name School
1st Krish Parikh Kromrey 7th Flynn Ewer Kromrey
2nd Aaron Dunk Kromrey 8th Natalie Charles Kromrey
3rd Dhruv Prakash Glacier Creek 9th Aarush Gupta Glacier Creek
4th Caleb Sanders Glacier Creek 10th Olivia Pan Glacier Creek
5th Lauren Li Kromrey 11th Theo Wolf Kromrey
6th Zaki Siraj Kromrey 12th Ellen Zhou Kromrey
1st alt. Riley Johnson Kromrey 2nd alt. Joshua Chen Kromrey

Seventh Grade Results

Place Name School Place Name School
1st Hansen Jin Kromrey 7th Mia Burkholder Glacier Creek
2nd Sam Gustafson Kromrey 8th Franklin Hu Kromrey
3rd Sanjay Suresh Kromrey 9th Daphne Wu Kromrey
4th Mihir Manna Glacier Creek 10th David Ma Kromrey
5th Harsha Chilakapati Glacier Creek 11th Annabelle Reppen Glacier Creek
6th Aarush Jain Kromrey 12th Katie Bouril Glacier Creek
1st alt. Varun Gupta Glacier Creek 2nd alt. Aviral Srivastava Glacier Creek

Eighth Grade Results

Place Name School Place Name School
1st Jonah Guse Kromrey 7th Zinnia Nie Glacier Creek
2nd Edwin Zhang Glacier Creek 8th Akshita Pattnaik Kromrey
3rd Yale Huang Kromrey 9th Gene Kim Kromrey
4th Zach Yosick Glacier Creek 10th Erin Tankersley Kromrey
5th Samantha Burkard Glacier Creek 11th Callie Whitehead Glacier Creek
6th Ian Bohachek Glacier Creek 12th Faranak Hematti Kromrey
1st alt. Yousef Gadalla Glacier Creek 2nd alt. Sohail Shaik Glacier Creek

Middle schools advanced learning specialist Ruth Frawley wanted to thank the district teachers who helped with these meets, including Jen Sadkovich, Emily Stousland, Diane Boles, Jenna Degner, Tanya Thuesen, Amy Weber, Courtney Moser, Doreen Klotz, Erin Bares, Amy Imoehl, Sonja Hungness, Marlene Feinstein, Bill Luebke, Brian Stubbe, Damon Piscitelli and Matt Hayden. 

Frawley also thanked all of the parent volunteers.

"We really appreciate your help,'' she said.