CSCS students impress at UW events

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Several CSCS students participated in the Super You Saturday Science fest and the Healthy Aging Expo at the Wisconsin Institutes of Discovery building by invitation on Saturday, Oct. 10. 

Six students from the Music and Memory seminar hosted an exhibition booth at the Healthy Aging Expo, volunteering to teach members of the public more about how music affects the brain and how music therapy can be used with people who have Alzheimer's disease. The students who participated were Matt Biever, Morgan Cutler, Elizabeth Gilliland, Amber Klar, Sabina Mapp, and Ronnie Roll.  

To see more photos from the programs, please visit the District's Facebook page.

All Music and Memory students went on field experiences to the UW Alzheimer's Research Institute, participated in reviews of journal articles and interacted with many guest presenters who had expertise in local research being done on Alzheimer's disease and the Music and Memory program.

"The student presenters went much deeper with their learning, consulting with local experts and meeting with the Wisconsin state representatives of the Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Task Force while developing, refining, and practicing their presentation," said Heather Messer, the seminar teacher.  

The booth presentation included a musical demonstration regarding the effects of the tango on the brain, a clip from the movie Alive Inside with opportunities for discussion, and action research regarding how people of different ages reacted to music. Students also worked with Julie Hyland, from the Wisconsin Department of Health and the Music and Memory program, to explain how the program is being used in local senior care facilities. 

"I'm so impressed with your students, particularly Elizabeth,'' Hyland said. "She is a very good presenter and knows her stuff."